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Books by Warwick


The Red Realms series

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War. Corruption. A dying empire…

And the only means of escape wiped out in genocide…


The Red Realms series is an epic saga cast against the sweeping setting of alien worlds and warring races, and tells of adventure, intrigue, murder and romance across the generations.

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Killswitch series

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SML_EBOOK_2023-0640 Warwick Eden b03.jpg

These days, it seems everyone’s after a piece of Jessie…

The government wants his body back,

The ex wants his share of the business,

And the mafia want all of him, dead.

Meet Jessie Coben -- the Harry-Dresden-meets-Murderbot cyborg, his uploaded dog, and their AI-run colonial outpost in the Tilkoen system of the Red Realms galaxy. Perfect for fans of the Wayfarer series, Bobiverse, Murderbot, Old Man’s War and of course, Dresden Files.

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