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AA (ANNO AGERON): Old Earthian for ‘Ageron year’, abbreviated as AA. Used to refer to the years after the founding of the Ageron empire. For example, year 3424 AA was the year of the Great Massacre.


AGERONIANS: Of or relating to the indigenous peoples of the planetary system of Ageron. Tall, dark-haired, brown-eyed. Industrialists, merchants, entrepreneurs. Dynastic rule. God of worship: Dyaeus. Average lifespan: 300-400 years.


AGERON SYSTEM: Planetary system comprising twelve planets: Anavio, Bellun, Trimon, Amorgos, Segontia, Ilia, Olicana, Othon, Ceos, Deva, Vasa and Casar. Binary suns: Remus and Romulus. Ruled by House Ageron. Capital planet: Amorgos. Capital city: Alandia (former capital city: Lagentia)


ASGHARIANS: Of or relating to peoples of the Asghar tribe. Tall, dark, muscular, aggressive. Nomadic slave-traders. Average lifespan: 200-300 years. Believed to be indirectly responsible for the movement of Nehisi out of the Peregrinus sector and into the Ageron planetary system.


AVEMS: Ageronian starfighter ship. Extremely agile and manoeuvrable. Built to deliver massive firepower from the nose and wingtips, it is also equipped with hyperdrive, allowing for medium-range space travel as well as on-planet aerial combat.


BRIDGED TRAVEL: Method of travel through the Ether via gateways, negating need for interstellar travel. Founded by Emperor Ageron II, House Ageron. Prevalent throughout the known galaxy and catalyst to the golden Age of Prosperity.


CITY HALL: Government administration building for House Tilkoen. Located in the city of Sansari on planet Dharan, Tilkoen system.


ELLAGRINS: Of or relating to the indigenous peoples of the planetary system of Ellagrin. Tall, fair-skinned and fair-haired, Ellagrins generally have distinctive blue eyes. Agriculturists, biotechnologists. Dynastic rule. God of worship: Ysgarh. Average lifespan: 300-400 years.


ELLAGRIN SYSTEM: Planetary system comprising five planets: Toftir, Brekky, Dalr, Skansgarden, Kaldr. Ruled by House Ellagrin. Capital planet: Dalr. Capital city: Namsos (later moved to Summer Palace on planet Skansgarden)


ELDUR: Rare crystalline mineral, naturally occurring. Greatly sought after as an energy source for powering spacecarriers.


ETHER: Transdimensional subspace between planets and interstellar systems, enabling transition from one place to another. Ability to manipulate the Ether by Nehisi tribe was a key factor in driving interstellar travel via gateways without resorting to interstellar flight.


GATE: Superstructure. Built by Tilkoens to maintain an endpoint of the Ether in its open state. Tilkoen technology. Primary material: solenite. Forms part of a Gateway: two Gates, one on each end, combine to make up a Gateway. Gates are named after the city they reside in. Main gates include:

  • Lagentia Gate [location: planet Amorgos, Ageron system]

  • Namsos Gate [location: planet Dalr, Ellagrin system]

  • Arnemetiae Gate [location: planet Ilia, Ageron system]

  • Sansari Gate [location: planet Dharan, Tilkoen system]

  • Leodis Gate [location: planet Vasa, Ageron system]

  • Huanshan Gate [location: planet Yoon]


GATEWAY: Superstructure. Transient passage or tunnel constructed across the Ether, connecting two endpoints (natural or effected). Based on Tilkoen technology and founded by the Ageron empire (circa 2980 AA), gateways are powered by natural Eldur to persist a physical tunnel comprising two endpoints opened up by Nehisi pathfinders, punctured through the Ether substrate. Main gateways connecting major planetary systems include:

  • Lagentian Gateway [connects the Lagentia Gate to the Namsos Gate] ;

  • Arnemetiaen Gateway [connects the Arnemetiae Gate to the Sansari Gate] ;

  • Leodis Gateway [connects the Leodis Gate to Huangshan Gate]

Gateways are always named after their constituent gate on the Ageronian side.


HAUKS: Ellagrin starfighter ship. Built to counter the agile Avems, it is also equipped with hyperdrive, allowing for medium-range space travel as well as on-planet aerial combat.


NATURAL ENDPOINT: Thinner points within the Ether substrate. Naturally occurring apertures in the Ether leading to various locations. Gates were installed at natural endpoints to form the main gateways of the galaxy.


NEHISI: Of or relating to peoples of the Nehisi tribe. Origin unconfirmed but it is widely believed that the Taors displacement crisis may have led them to flee their home planet somewhere in the Peregrinus sector. The tribe was given sanctuary by House Ageron and later accepted and integrated into Ageronian society. Olive-skinned, dark-haired with green or blue eyes. Nehisi are the only peoples who have the ability to manipulate the Ether. Average lifespan: 300-400 years.


ORE: Standard currency used across known galaxy.


RED PALACE: Seat of power of House Ageron. Palace built into the Red Mountains of planet Amorgos, Ageron system. Accessible only by air.


ROYAL PALACE: Seat of power of House Ellagrin. Fortress in the capital city of Namsos, on planet Dalr, Ellagrin system.


SUMMER PALACE: Summer palace on planet Skansgarden, Ellagrin system. Favoured residence of empress Elena.


THE COMITIUM: Administration building and hub for House Ageron. Its main assembly hall where the Senate debates and votes is called The Ecclesia. Located in the capital city of Alandia, on planet Amorgos, Ageron system.


THE FORUM: Government building for House Tilkoen where the Tilkoen Congress debates and votes in its Congressional Hall. Located in the garden city of Chatadharam, on planet Dharan, Tilkoen system.


TILKOENS: Of or relating to the indigenous peoples of the planetary system of Tilkoen. Stocky, brawny, tanned and muscular, Tilkoens generally have angular features and brown or amber eyes. Technologists. Democratic and AI-led rule. Average lifespan: 200 years.


TILKOEN SYSTEM: Planetary system comprising six planets: Birgunj, Dharan, Itahari, Dankali, Pindeshor, Telkuwa. Ruled by House Tilkoen. Capital planet: Dharan. Capital city: Sansari.


YOON: Of or relating to the indigenous peoples of the planet Yoon. Little is known about the Yoons. Dark-eyed with features adapted to life in the snow-covered, high altitude mountains of the planet. Philosophers. Matriarchal society. Average lifespan: unconfirmed/unknown.

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