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Warwick Eden

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Science Fiction. Space Opera




A Time of Change

It is the year 2887 AA and a fledging empire in the star system of Ageron is on the cusp of interstellar trade and expansion.

Three Lives Intertwined

A young emperor with ambitious plans for his empire,

An old senator trying to save a tribe from persecution,

And a child with a secret that will change the course of history forever.

The Emergence of a New Age

Amidst fear, ambition, love and loss, the lives of these three, inextricably intertwined, play out in events with epic consequences that will shape the future of the entire galaxy for centuries to come.


Read the stunning prequel to an unmissable space opera series.


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Meet Jessie Coben, your typical cyborg dude — brassy on the outside, sensitive on the inside, 91.77% machine, but ‘all man’ (so he says).

Ex-army, he gets by as a trade consultant (aka glorified delivery guy) and occasional smuggler whilst evading a government hell-bent on recalling the 91.77% of him for salvage.

Oh, and he’s divorced.

(But still trying to be free of his bloodsucking ex).

Killswitch kicks off the science fiction adventures of Jessie, the Harry-Dresden-meets-Murderbot cyborg, his uploaded dog, and their AI-run colonial outpost in the Tilkoen system of the Red Realms galaxy.


Perfect for fans of the Wayfarer series, Bobiverse, Murderbot, Old Man’s War and of course, Dresden Files.

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