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Red Realms series


The Last Nehisi

Book 1

War. Corruption. A dying empire…

And the only means of escape wiped out in genocide…


For millennia, Ageronians have prospered beyond imagination, aided by the Nehisi, an ancient tribe with the ability to bridge worlds. But now the tides have turned.


The Realm is dying.


In the face of imminent destruction, Supreme Commander Draeger must find a way to save his people.


As the prophecy of doom plays out, a chance encounter with a thief sparks the beginnings of a cat and mouse game, between commander and crook, in a world of political and moral dilemmas, corruption, and murder…


…and the revelation that the fate of billions could depend on the actions of a single amoral thief.

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The Search for Sansari

Book 2

The Ageron empire is in turmoil as the decline of its binary suns accelerates and the realm plunges headlong towards imminent destruction. With House Ellagrin now the enemy, options to escape extinction dwindle by the day.

Beleaguered by cataclysmic disasters, House Ageron, in the grip of fear and panic, seethes with infighting. An insidious political chess game is afoot as Supreme Commander Draeger struggles to hang on to power and Emperor Akseli faces trial for treason.

For the billions of Ageronians, hope now lies with Tors and the small band sent to locate the city of Sansari and reopen the last Gateway. But for this small contingent, not everything is as it appears. Factions aimed at derailing them lie in wait in the unlikeliest of places as Akseli and his supporters prepare to play their hand…

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House of Yoon

Book 3

WAR is upon all three Houses of the galaxy.

And in the wake of Emperor Akseli’s conquests, death, destruction and pestilence follow.


As the dying suns ravage the Ageron empire, threatening extinction, the emperor tightens his grip on all three Houses, seeking to rule them at any cost.


With the tables so brutally turned, Commander Draeger now finds himself fighting for his life and that of several billion Tilkoens, as an outcast and a leader of the Resistance. And as the end draws nigh, he faces a battle of impossible odds — one small team against the might of the armies of Ageron, the very armies he used to command.


As all sides take their places in the showdown of all showdowns, will Commander Draeger prevail? Will Akseli the Younger rule them all? Or will the sisters of Yoon finally enter the fray and show their hand?

House of Yoon_final_REALLYSML.jpg

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Emergence (Novella)  


A Time of Change

It is the year 2887 AA and a fledging empire in the star system of Ageron is on the cusp of interstellar trade and expansion.

Three Lives Intertwined

A young emperor with ambitious plans for his empire,

An old senator trying to save a tribe from persecution,

And a child with a secret that will change the course of history forever.

The Emergence of a New Age

Amidst fear, ambition, love and loss, the lives of these three, inextricably intertwined, play out in events with epic consequences that will shape the future of the entire galaxy for centuries to come.


Read the stunning prequel to the unmissable Red Realms series.


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