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Killswitch series



Book 1

Meet Jessie Coben, your typical cyborg dude — brassy on the outside, sensitive on the inside, 91.77% machine, but ‘all man’ (so he says).

Ex-army, he gets by as a trade consultant (aka glorified delivery guy) and occasional smuggler whilst evading a government hell-bent on recalling the 91.77% of him for salvage.

Oh, and he’s divorced. (But still trying to be free of his bloodsucking ex).

So, when the mysterious and glamorous Captain Malika comes along with an offer he cannot refuse — an offer that will allow him to buy out his ex and start a new life — Jessie takes on the job. Get her and her ship to planet Jhapa unnoticed and the life-changing payout is his. The stuff of dreams.

But dreams, as they say, are an illusion and this dream is about to turn into a nightmare he never bargained for.


Pursued by pirates and police, hunted by machine and mafia, what is Captain Malika hiding that has the entire galaxy after them?


As the deadly conspiracy unravels, Jessie discovers the answer in the unlikeliest of sources… his own turbulent past.

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Killswitch kicks off the science fiction adventures of Jessie -- the Harry-Dresden-meets-Murderbot cyborg, his uploaded dog, and their AI-run colonial outpost in the Red Realms galaxy. Perfect for fans of the Wayfarer series, Bobiverse, Murderbot, Old Man’s War and of course, Dresden Files.


Book 2

Killswitch, the science fiction adventures of Jessie - the Harry-Dresden-meets-Murderbot cyborg, his uploaded dog, and their AI-run colonial outpost in the Red Realms galaxy continues…

Jessie and Mace make a deal with DeXA, Tribhuvan's all-powerful AI, to find Captain Malika. But when Jessie travels to the wild and wayward Pachinko City to search for her, he is pulled into the frivolous world of influencers, social media and the power of ratings.

The influencer industry, as everyone knows, is a cut-throat business. And in the lawless asteroid city of Pachinko, bodies begin dropping like flies. Literally. Yet no one seems bothered… until one too many influencers die and Jessie becomes a prime suspect.

Will Jessie uncover the killer’s identity and clear his name? Can he rescue Malika before others find out who and indeed what she is? And as the plot thickens and the stakes grow ever higher, can DeXA be trusted?

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Book 3

In this Girl-Saves-Boy instalment, Jessie journeys to the planet Pilipinese to retrieve the replicator only to find himself captured by its natives, leaving Mace no choice but to leave the familiar confines of her desk in Tribhuvan to come rescue his sorry ass.

But does Jessie really want to be rescued?

As the increasingly despotic DeXA gets out of control in Tribhuvan, things too, get out of hand in the planet Pilipinese as an old enemy closes in.

Can Mace dig them out of this hole they’ve gotten themselves into or will the seduction of power keep them all trapped on the far-flung planet of the Pilipinese?

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Book 4

Being a “real person” should be more fun but for Dex (the AI formerly known as DeXA), turns out life as a real person in the real world isn't quite the amazing, profound experience they were expecting. In fact, life as a delivery assistant can be downright mucky, mundane and monotonously hard work.

Until Dex encounters Vee, a runaway geriatric alien.
Who has just seen his dead sister alive on the nearby moon hub of Occursum Prime.
And needs Dex's help to find her before time runs out.

As the ‘soulless’ copy of DeXA begins to malfunction across Tribhuvan, will Vee find his sister and will Dex ever find meaning in their new existence? Or will the harsh realities of life extinguish all hopes for the both of them?


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